Refund/Replacement Policy

MY PLACE is committed to providing you with quality products. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product and need a replacement or refund, we are happy to assist.

If the product is damaged during delivery or the quantity of the product does not match the order, please notify us by email or phone within 48 hours upon receipt.

  • Request of Refund/Replacement of Product:

    If you find that the self-test kit purchased from our website consists of invalid/missing/damaged parts, you can apply to MY PLACE for a replacement of the kit within 1 month after purchase. Please email us to explain the situation, we will decide whether to replace it for you free of charge or accept your refund request based on the quality or condition of the product concerned.


  • Points to note:

    Unless the product itself is defective, any product damaged or invalid due to normal wear and tear, damage or negligence(not caused by MY PLACE), or any use that does not abide by our written instructions will not be replaced or refunded.

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