pleasure finder google 語音搜尋性健康

“Hey Google, am I having enough sex?”

Meet Pleasure Finder, the World’s First Ever Google Assistant Action for Sex Education


The global pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting every aspects of people’s life, including sexual health. In a research conducted by MysteryVibe in late 2020 about sexual health in the UK, it is found that 24% of the respondents did not have sex at all in 2020 while over a third (37%) say their libido plummeted in 2020, leading to less active sexual life.

This sparks the creation of Pleasure Finder, the world’s first voice assistant for sex education. Developed by MysteryVibe with Google, Pleasure Finder helps users improve sexual life by providing the professional advice on sexual health and wellness, together with tips that people always wanted but were scared to ask. To ensure the quality of the advice, it was created with the help of Clare Bedford, a psychosexual and relationship therapist and MysteryVibe’s Chief Medical Officer and urologist, Prof. Prokar Dasgupta.

Just like how you ask Siri and Google for a location or a recommended eatery nearby, you can get quality sexual health advice with a simple question, say, “What’s a good way to help my partner get in the mood?” or “Am I having enough sex?”. The assistant will then come up with suggestions or answers that are meant to improve your sexual life.

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Images:Pleasure Finder helps to answer your queries about sexual health

“Giving access to anyone who wants or needs a shame-free sexual education is what this campaign is all about. We want to help people open up when it comes to talking about sexual health, so we’re hoping that the Pleasure Finder will be able to kick start a conversation and people talking about sex and pleasure and rediscovering the benefits they offer.”

Prof. Prokar Dasgupta, CMO of MysteryVibe and urologist

Although this function is not currently available in Hong Kong, it certainly marks a big step forward on putting sexual health on the agenda, helping many to get the advice that is sometimes hard to ask anyone. If you are looking for professional sexual-health service in Hong Kong, you can visit MY PLACE by AIDS Concern, a social enterprise that aims to promote sexual health and wellbeing. Services like sexual health screening, PrEP for HIV, comprehensive sexuality education and counselling are provided by a professional team. Click here to know more and make a reservation.