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MY PLACE offers LGBT Friendly counselling service in Hong Kong. Contact us if you need some help, from personal development to interpersonal relationships.

Reasons You Need LGBT Friendly Counselling Service

LGBT friendly counselling service helps you to have better relationships with an increased mental health.

Sadly, mistreatment and discrimination are common for the LGBT community. However, many Human Rights organizations are striving to promote social acceptance. Federal agencies have introduced laws for protecting transgender people and gays. However, millions of LGBT community members are still afraid of embarrassment due to their sexual orientation. If you are or someone you love is also facing any such discrimination, it is best to get LGBT friendly counselling service.

This discrimination can lead to higher anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues common amongst LGBT. Many community members face substance abuse problems, experience suicidal thoughts, and/or engage in self-harm behaviors. Therefore, it is obvious this population seriously needs mental health services. Additionally, the effects of discrimination and stigma lead them to get mental health support for:

Sexual Identity Issues

Sexual identity issues can cause various anxieties. Sexual identity refers to the thoughts, fantasies, and feelings that lead a person to have romantic or sexual attraction towards another person. LGBT people often face questions about their sexual identity, which can lead to stress and confusion. These people often need to deal with many weird situations and questions and handle the reactions of their family and friends.

Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition experienced by people whose gender identity and expression are different from the gender assigned at birth. This situation can lead to significant anxieties and distress, which can affect the overall mental health of a person.

Here are the reasons why you need LGBT friendly counselling service:

1.Relationship Advisor

Same-sex relationships can be irresistible. However, they can lead to chronic mental health problems, which can be caused due to the inability to fit into the social norms. An LGBT friendly counsellor can be helpful to provide you relationship advice that can be helpful for sustaining the relationship.

2.Child Counsellor

Conflicts of parents in a homosexual marriage can affect the emotional health of a child. According to an article published by Research Gate, it can remain with them throughout their lives and significantly impact their overall health. LGBT counsellors can help treat children and making them stronger. Moreover, well-managed childhood can lead to shapewise and responsible adults in the future.

3.Workplace Productivity

Some organizations follow additional policies for LGBT. However, harassment is still common in such places as well. When you are struggling with hiding your true self, it can lead you to suffer from high levels of anxiety and work complaints. LGBT friendly counsellors can help you to have better relationships with your co-workers and increased workplace productivity.

4.Increase Mental Health

LGBT friendly counsellors know precisely what they need to do to ensure stable mental health. They are protective, compassionate, and well qualified to help increase mental health. Thus, counselling can be helpful to improve your mental health and creating a secure environment.

5.Better Understanding

Consider working with professionals who are also part of the LGBT community. They don’t need to make any special efforts for stepping into your shoes, as they have also experienced the shame, guilt, and embarrassment themselves. Such people can offer helpful guidance, advice, and reassurance for overcoming anxiety and stress.

6.Open to Questions

LGBT friendly counsellors are more familiar with the terminologies and names of the gay world. Thus, you don’t need to express everything because they will be able to know without making you feel uncomfortable at any point. They can understand and explore your identity without pressuring you to change your thoughts or orientation.

Who you are attracted to can’t change you as a person. Stop battling with the issues of dealing alone with your anxiety; get in touch with a professional LGBT friendly counsellor today.

LGBT Friendly counselling service

Looking for a LGBT+ friendly counselling service?


The My COACH service developed by AIDS Concern offers LGBT+ friendly sex & sexuality-related counselling at an affordable price. The core service includes counselling on good mental health, LGBT+ identity development, positive relationships, couple counselling, sexual dysfunction & sexual pleasure enhancement.


We understand people may feel embarrassed when seeking counselling services. Our friendly and professional staff can help you to book our professional and confidential service with our LGBT+ friendly counsellors. 


To be aware of and alleviate anxiety and other mental health issues related to HIV and other STIs

Explore and affirm sexual identity in the LGBT Community; Process feelings, thoughts and relationships with others (e.g. parents) while deciding to come out

Explore heterosexual or same-sex love relationship issues such as lack of power, respect and trust, ways of communication and resolving conflicts, and other relationship issues 

Help the client to gain confidence and competence to face sexual dysfunction and distress that comes along and explore ways of enhancing sexual pleasure, both physically and psychologically

Our Professional LGBT Friendly Counselling Service Team Member

Ng Ho Cheung

UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist (Person-Centred Psychotherapy), Person-Centred Expressive Arts Practitioner

Chin Gary Sheung Yung

Certified Hypnotherapist, Professional Psychological Counselor

Counselling experience: 7 years

Counselling Scope: Mental health, identity development and relationship

LGBT Friendly counselling service provider. Approach to psychotherapy is based upon person-centred approach. He will offer you a safe space to explore your thoughts, experiences and feelings through verbal and creative arts means. His intention is not to offer advice or guidance, but to listen, accept, and perhaps gently challenge you, genuinely and without judgement, in your exploration of your experiences. You may come to find it easier to listen to and accept yourself, and to be able to make more genuinely fulfilling choices for yourself.

  • Trainee Psychotherapist (The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)
  • Master of Science in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Applications in training (Metanoia Institute)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counselling with First Class Honours (University of Wales)
  • Certificate in Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change: A Person-Centered Approach (Person-Centered Expressive Arts Institute)

Gary is a LGBT Friendly counselling service provider, professional psychological counselor, also an experienced human resource management consultant. Graduated from counseling at The Hong Kong University, Organizational and Social Psychology in United Kingdom, with various counseling training. He is currently a member of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association and an internationally certified hypnotherapist, recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

Gary is expert in dealing with emotional issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, and experienced in the areas of intimacy and child discipline.

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