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HK youth sex education workshops are now available at MY PLACE. Work with the first sexual health social enterprise and develop a correct attitude on sex.

Why Youth Sex Education Workshops are Important? Because Science Says So!

Youth sex education workshops encourage participants to ask questions and gather all the required knowledge.

One question we often hear is the importance of youth sex education workshops, do they worth it?

The answer to this question is yes, it matters a lot, and it is essential to give sex education to youth. Sex education can be life-changing for people, and it will have noteworthy positive impacts on public health.

There are several types of research that show the positive impacts of high-quality sex education on youth’s life.

Here are some significant impacts:

Less sexual risk-taking.

Delay in having sexual intercourse.

Increased use of condoms.

Increased use of contraception.

Having more knowledge about sexuality, increased interest towards safer sex, fewer risks of pregnancy, and contracting infections like HIV and other STIs.

Having more knowledge about sexual behavior and reproductive health. Youth has shown a positive attitude towards using condoms, nurturing healthy relationships, seeking and getting sexual health care, seeking consent, and more.

Impact of Sex Education on Youth

Many people think that sex education will negatively impact youth or encourage them to be more sexually active, but that’s not true and scientific research proves it. However, comprehensive sex education leads youth to have better knowledge and attitudes towards sexuality, including:

Having more knowledge regarding rights within a sexual relationship

Being more communicative with parents regarding relationships and sex

Increase effectiveness to deal with risky situations

Impact of Sex Education on Social Environment

The impacts of sex education are positive and long-term on our social environment. There are numerous researches that look at non-health outcomes, and results show us how sex education can be helpful to bring positive reforms in our society. According to the studies, sex education can:

Help in preventing and reducing gender-based and intimate partner discrimination and violence.

Helpful to build healthier and stronger relationships.

Help to increase confidence, gender equality, and ability to achieve goals.

Having knowledge about building healthier and stronger relationships which can be helpful to prevent social isolation and improve mental health. While these benefits are referred as non-health related outcomes but they have a great impact on our well-being and health. It can help to prevent gender-based violence such as harassment, assault, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist bullying. It can lead to improved mental health and prevent suicide.

How Youth Sex Education Workshops Can Help?

Youth sex education workshops encourage participants to ask questions and gather all the required knowledge. These workshops are tailored for the needs of participants and their outcomes.

Sex education workshops can be helpful for young people to listen, talk and think about sex, relationships and discuss many other sensitive topics in such a way that they won’t feel embarrassed and their privacy remains protected. Also, it can be helpful for them to act wisely on various scenarios that they face on a regular basis.

Sex education is quite a complex subject to teach. Thus, all the workshop participants need to get the information they need and feel comfortable asking anything.

Sex Education is a Worthy Gift for Youth

A well-structured, well-taught sex education workshop can be beneficial for youth development. It can be helpful for the youth to sort out confusing messages they get from their peers, TV, social media, the internet, and movies. They should be able to talk openly and knowledgeably about sex with their parents, lovers, and friends. It can significantly improve their chances to make it through the teen years without facing any traumatized or disturbing sexual experiences. Good sex education can be helpful for the youth to lead happy sex lives as adults. It can be a worthy gift for the youth.


Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of young people encompasses dimensions of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It is so much more than physical health with any sexually transmittable infections (STIs).

In MY PLACE, we are committed to promoting positive sexuality education among young people and the groups they are in close contact with. By cultivating young people with the correct sexual health knowledge, socializing skills to get along with their partners, and diversity in sexual orientations and culture, can help foster comprehensive sexual health and protect them from HIV and other STIs.

MY LIFE SKILLS provides positive sexuality education to young people under the age of 25 through outreach activities, youth sex education workshops, group and peer programs, and online platforms. Besides, we also provide professional training and support to social workers, teachers, and parents who are interested in promoting sexual health education to young people. 

We also provide flexible activity options that fit individual needs, please feel free to contact us directly for more details.

What do we talk about in sex-ed?

Adolescence is a time when many young people start to explore their sexuality and develop relationships with others. It is also the time when they experience changes in physical, emotional and social areas. Here are some topics to be covered in our sex-ed programme to give comprehensive guidance to the young minds. The subject content can be revised according to the students’ learning needs.

Body Structure & Puberty

Puberty can be a perplexing time for young people, but it is also a chance to foster appreciation of the body, self-confidence and positive personal image. Contents covered include biological changes during adolescence, introduction to the reproductive system and structure, and general knowledge of personal hygiene.


Details of HIV and other common STIs in Hong Kong will be explained, including their transmission routes, prevention methods, treatments, and the local support services available. Participants can understand how to assess their risks of infection, and make the best choice for themselves with all-rounded consideration.

Safer Sex Practice

This session covers the correct use of protections and clarification of some common myths on sexual health. The importance of addressing the need and the use of protection will also be covered to raise the power of negotiation of young people in an intimate relationship.

Intimacy Boundaries

Focusing on "consent", participants will discuss rights and responsibilities in intimate relationships, explore and recognize their own intimacy boundaries, and learn how to communicate effectively with others to clearly express their expectations about physical contact and other intimate actions.

Love Relationship

Participants will explore their own values about relationships, reflect on their expectations of love relationships, and recognize different ways of expressing love and intimacy.

Sex Culture and Cyber-Dating

1) Different kinds of cybercrime that dating application users come across 2)The reliability of internet media content and pornographic information 3) How the media affects our understanding of different (sexual) relationship patterns/sexual behaviors

Gender and Sexual Orientations

An in-depth explanation about different sexual orientations and gender will be discussed with a positive attitude. The aim of this session is to develop an understanding of gender construction and to challenge biases.

Ways of Learning

Our activities can be presented as a school lecture, experiential youth sex education workshops, and group activity.

MY LIFE SKILLS also possesses a number of sex-ed tools and teaching materials such as reproductive organ models, sexual health information cards, condoms, card games, etc. that can be borrowed by professionals.

Sex-ed lectures can convey information to a large number of people at the same time. Applications include school assembly, sex education week sharing sessions, etc.

Youth sex education workshops are suitable for groups of 10-30. It is an ideal way to conduct sex-ed in the classroom. The learning motivation, experience and participation of participants can be enhanced through interactive learning.

Compared with lectures and youth sex education workshops, group activities provide a greater degree of freedom and are not limited to the classroom, allowing participants to deeply understand the topic of sex education through various activities.

By setting up a game booth at school, student can learn about safer sex, STIs, HIV/AIDS, intimate relationship and other sexual health topics in a fun and inspiring way.


No of Participants No of Tutors Fees










Experiential Youth Sex Education Workshop




Small-Group Activity




Game Booth



$1,000+/2 hours

* Non-government-funded social service organizations or educational institutions can apply for fee reductions.

Sex education training

Sex education and training for Professional

How to carry out sex education and preventive education to young people and support their development of sexuality

  • Purpose
  • Content
  • Time
  • Target
  • Charge

Strengthen the awareness of adolescents' sexual health of people who work with youth. Improve gender sensitivity and crisis management skills when conducting sexuality education.

The content of the training focuses on reflection on personal values and case discussions. Our front-line employees will also share outreaching experience, and co-workers can choose different combinations of courses according to their needs.

Section 1: Understanding basic sexual health knowledge and dealing with sexual health crises

Session 2: Recognize the concept of positive sex education and the skills to talk to young people about sex

Section 3: Cognitive Minority Youth

2 hours per session

Social workers, teachers, young workers


Parental sex education

Start the conversation about positive sex with your child

  • Purpose
  • Content
  • Time
  • Target
  • Charge

To let parents understand the culture among young people and master the communication skills of how to talk about sex with their children.

-Understand the general concept of "sex" among young people and the culture of online dating
-Understand the concept of positive sex education and the healthy development of adolescent sexuality
-Communication skills and attitudes to talk to children about sex
-Case discussion and front-line experience sharing
-Sex education resources and community sexual health support services

 2 hours

Parents of secondary and tertiary students

$2,000+/2 hours

AIDS Concern Visit

To enhance the understanding of the work that AIDS Concern, a local HIV/AIDS charity, is doing different agencies are welcome to visit our center by appointment.


  • Introduction of AIDS Concern
  • Explanation on positive sexuality education and the sexual health development of youth
  • People Living with HIV sharing on difficulties, stigma, and negative labeling effects facing in their real life
  • Visit our testing center and My PLACE service

Duration              1-2 hours

Targets                Public, Youth, Social worker, Teachers, and Parents are all welcomed

Fee                       HK$1000/hour

Mobile Testing Service for Youth

To eliminate the barriers which deter youth to take an STI check-up, and to raise their awareness on their sexual health, AIDS Concern provides a youth-friendly, free, confidential, and anonymous rapid testing service for youth. Testing items include:

1) HIV

2) Syphilis

3) Chlamydia

4) Gonorrhea

The blood rapid test result will be known in 20 minutes, while the result for the urine test will be known in 2 weeks.

For more details, please contact us at 23946677 or email to

Service Charges (click here to download)

Service Charges (click here to download)
Testing venue provided by AIDS Concern Testing venue provided by AIDS Concern Mobile testing Mobile test and sex education seminar
Testing Service HIV test Blood test Oral test Blood test Blood test
Syphilis test Blood test N/A Blood test Blood test
Package included Service hours 4 4 4 4
Worker 1 1 1 2
HIV and Syphilis test 5 5 5 15
Mobile testing with driver N/A N/A 4 hours 4 hours
Speaker N/A N/A N/A 1
Youth Sex Education Workshop N/A N/A N/A 1 hour
Charge Free HKD$1000 HKD $800 HKD $3000
Value-added services
Extra HIV and Syphilis test (per person) N/A $200 $150 $100
Extra Syphilis test (per person) $250 $250 $220 $220
Youth Sex Education Workshop (around 1 .5 hours) $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 NA
REMARKS Suitable institutions: Service units that cannot perform blood tests

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