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Get PrEP medical checkups from MY PLACE, the first LGBT+ friendly sexual health social enterprise in Hong Kong. PrEP is effective in reducing the risk of HIV.

Things You Need to Know About PrEP Medical Checkup

When you are taking PrEP, you will need to have a regular PrEP medical checkup – every 3 months.

PrEP is a method used for safer sex for anyone who is at high risk of contracting HIV. PrEP is known as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. Prophylaxis is termed as prevention. PrEP medical checkup is suitable for HIV negative people. It helps to save them from getting infected by HIV.

Who is Suitable for PrEP?

PrEP is for HIV-negative men who are having sex with men and people who have had anal sex without using a condom in the last three months and are willing to do so.

It is suggested for people who are having sex with an HIV-positive person and whose virus is suppressed by treatment.

Moreover, other people having risks are also suitable for PrEP, but it can be decided with the help of a PrEP medical checkup by a specialized doctor.

What You Need to Do Before Starting PrEP?

Before starting PrEP, it is ideal to consult with senior doctors. However, there is no need to worry if you have already started it before consulting with a doctor.

A PrEP medical checkup is vital before starting PrEP. It is mainly due to the medicines that are used for PrEP are the same that are being used for treating HIV. In case you are already infected, and you don’t know that you are HIV positive, your future treatment options can be limited, or possibly you will become resistant to the medication if you miss or take a late dose.

A PrEP medical checkup will also test for hepatitis B infection before starting the PrEP. This is because the medicines are also used for treating this infection, and it can affect how doctors will advise you to take PrEP. However, if you are infected with Hepatitis B, you may also need to consult with a liver specialist. In case you are not infected with hepatitis B and haven’t been vaccinated, doctors will recommend you to get vaccinated before starting PrEP.

A prEP medical checkup also involves an STI screen; it is a urine test and a blood test that is used for checking kidney function. The drugs can sometimes affect the kidneys, and doctors will need to know how well your kidneys are working before starting.

While Taking PrEP

When you are taking PrEP, you will need to have a regular PrEP medical checkup – every 3 months. You need to have the test once a year at least, and a blood test is necessary to check kidney function.

If you have a fever or forget to take pills and had sex, it is necessary to visit the doctor sooner and have a PrEP medical checkup for an HIV test in case you have become infected with HIV. It is essential to know about it at the early stages so doctors can suggest the proper medication and test the person from whom you have caught the infection.

Stopping PrEP

It is important to consult with a doctor before stopping PrEP.

Stopping PrEP needs to be timed correctly after the last risk, and you need to have a PrEP medical checkup at least 4 weeks after the last risk. However, if you do not have the same risks anymore, you can stop PrEP.

Are There any Side Effects of Taking PrEP?

PrEP can cause minor side effects in some people, like nausea, vomit, dizziness, and fatigue, but they disappear over time.

Furthermore, in rare cases, PrEP can also affect kidney functions; that’s why it is important to test kidney function before starting.

If you are already taking PrEP and you are experiencing any side effects that are severe or long-term, you should consult with the doctor.


PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a method that people at risk for HIV take to prevent getting HIV from sex or injection drug use. When taken as prescribed, PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV infection. However, PrEP does not prevent other infections like HPV, Syphilis, Chlamydia or Herpes.

PrEP in Hong Kong can be obtained from private clinics or hospitals. If you are interested in getting PrEP in Hong Kong, make sure you have read the instructions and done the corresponding tests needed.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is the use of anti-HIV medication under a doctor's advice to prevent HIV infection.

It is suitable for people who are HIV-negative but at risk of getting the virus. Truvada (emtricitabine-tenofovir DF) is a patented drug used for PrEP.

Please note that PrEP is not a vaccine. It can effectively prevent HIV infection from sex or injecting drugs only when taken correctly under a doctor's advice. If PrEP is used inconsistently, it will not work.

If you are thinking about using PrEP, you can make a reservation for the MY PrEP service to get the proper check-ups, doctor consultation and prescription.

The pill used for PrEP, Truvada®(also called FTC/TDF), has been used to treat people with HIV since 2004.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Truvada for PrEP use in 2012.

Adverse effects reported with PrEP are generally nonspecific and mild. However, renal function test was noted to be elevated and bone mineral density (BMD) decreased. In HIV infected patients, TDF/FTC is associated with liver and kidney complications. The possibility therefore exists that clinically significant toxicity may occur after prolonged use, particularly in those who have preexisting impaired renal function or osteoporosis.

That is why, it is very important to get the proper checkups and make sure you are HIV negative before using PrEP. Consult a doctor to know more about the PrEP checkups and medication.

You need to have the right medical check-up to be sure it is safe for you to use PrEP and you need to buy from a reliable supplier.

Get PrEP in THREE steps:

  • You must take an HIV test and be sure that you are HIV-negative to avoid developing drug resistance to anti-HIV medication.
  • You also need to be tested to ensure that you have good kidney and liver function.
  • Consult a doctor and understand your dosage for PrEP – daily or on-demand.

If you are thinking about using PrEP, you can make a reservation for the My PrEP service to get the proper check-ups, doctor consultation and prescription.

If you are using PrEP correctly, it is very unlikely that you will get HIV. Research studies show that PrEP reduces the risk level of someone with HIV infecting you by more than 99%. There are 2 ways of taking PrEP, you just need to select either way.

Consult your doctor before deciding which method is suitable to you.

Daily PrEP

The easiest method for all genders is to take PrEP daily – take one pill at the same time each day.

It takes different time for different body parts to build up the drug concentration to prevent HIV. If you are having receptive anal sex (bottoming), it takes 7 days of daily PrEP before you are protected from HIV. If you are having insertive anal sex (top) or vaginal sex it takes 20 days of daily PrEP before you are protected.

On demand PrEP

Some people are taking PrEP before and after sex (on demand). This method only works for men having anal sex with men (MSM), but not for people having vaginal sex. And this works only when the sexual activity is planned.

MSM can first take two pills (double doses) 2-24 hours before sex, then one pill 24 hours after the first dose and another pill 48 hours after first dose. This is called 2-1-1 dosing.

In the event of sex on several days in a row, one pill should be taken each day until 48 hours after the last sexual intercourse.

If you are thinking about using PrEP, you can make a reservation for the My PrEP service to get the proper check-ups, doctor consultation and prescription.

taking PrEP in Hong Kong, on demand PrEP, daily PrEP

PrEP is not available from the public hospitals in Hong Kong. If you would like to get PrEP in Hong Kong, you may visit private clinics or hospitals to do the checkups needed and get the prescription from a doctor.

You may download the leaflet below to know more about steps of getting PrEP in Hong Kong.

What To Do

You need to have the right medical check-up to be sure it is safe for you to use PrEP and you need to buy from a reliable supplier.

First, get checked and a prescription for PrEP.

You can use the MY PrEP service at MY PLACE to get medical check-up and doctor consultation. If you are suitable for PrEP, the doctor will write you a medicine prescription.

In Hong Kong, you can use the prescription to get the medication in 3 ways:

  1. Buy the drug Truvada from MY PLACE. The price is $6,500/bottle of 30 pills.
  2. Take the prescription to Neo Health in Central and use it to buy the alternative medication Teno-Em for $1,200/bottle. You will need to register as a customer.
  3. Buy Truvada from other private clinics.

Price of medical consultation and medication for PrEP

MY PLACE (not-for-profit)
First check-up $1,390
$1,090-$1,390 for follow ups after medication.
Use the prescription to buy Truvada at $6,500 or take it to
Neo Health to buy Teno-Em at $1,200/bottle.

Neo Health, Central
First check-up $3,500-$4,200
$1,500-$1,800 for follow ups after medication.
Truvada $8,550/bottle, Teno-Em $1,200/bottle.

Other clinics in Hong Kong
Please call to check prices.

*Note that you do not need to repeat the check-ups or consultation there if you have the prescription from MY PLACE.

When you go to the clinic, tell them you have had PrEP check-up at MY PLACE and provide them with the report to buy TenoEm.

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