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MY PLACE by AIDS Concern offers HK HIV self-test kit and support service. Get a kit to collect oral fluid or a blood sample to test for HIV antibodies at home.

HIV Self-Test Support Service Can Be Convenient and Private Option

HIV self-test support service is for people who are uncomfortable with having their HIV test at the testing center.

HIV self-test support service is helpful for people who want to know their HIV status and perform HIV tests themselves and take the result in private. This test can be conducted by making use of an HIV test kit HK.

However, an HIV test kit HK does not help to provide a diagnosis. Negative or non-reactive self-test results can be considered negative, but positive or reactive self-test results should be confirmed according to the national algorithms.

Why is HIV Testing Necessary?

According to WHO, people who are between the ages of 13 and 64 years old should be screened for HIV at least once as part of their routine healthcare. However, repeated testing is suggested for people who are at a higher risk of getting the infection because of their behaviors like having sex without condoms, injecting drugs through shared needles, or having sex with multiple partners.

HIV test kit HK can be helpful for people to know their HIV status, and it can be beneficial for them to take care of their health.

For HIV-positive people, there are several FDA-approved medicines that can be helpful for them to keep the virus under control, but these medicines can’t cure HIV. Such medicines are helpful for people to live long and healthy lives and reducing the chances of spreading the virus. For HIV-negative people, there are several FDA-approved PrEP drugs that can be helpful to provide protection against infection. HIV medicines can also cause side effects. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a doctor before taking a new medicine.

Is It Safe to use HIV Test Kit HK at Home?

Yes, it is safe to conduct an HIV test at home with an HIV test kit HK. You can use this kit easily at home or in a private location. You can order the kit online or buy it from the service center. This kit doesn’t need you to send a sample to a lab. It can test your fluid from the mouth and provides results within 20 to 30 minutes.

However, if you need expert help, you can ask for an HIV self-test support service while buying an HIV test kit HK online or from the service center.

How Does the HIV Test Kit HK Work?

The test is helpful to check antibodies to HIV. Antibodies are the proteins that your body generates for fighting with infection.

This kit contains a test stick that can be used for swabbing your upper and lower gums for collecting the oral fluid sample from the mouth. After that, the stick needs to be placed in a tube with a testing solution. You need to wait for 20 to 30 minutes for the results, and you will see a line if the test is negative. If you see two lines, it means your body has HIV antibodies and that you may be HIV positive.

If a home test comes positive, you need to have a follow-up laboratory test to confirm the results.

Patient Empowerment

HIV test kit HK empowers the patients. It helps them to perform tests while staying at home. IF they don’t feel like performing a test by themselves, they can also ask for an HIV self-test support service. A patient doesn’t need to visit a clinic to perform the test; this kit helps them to perform an HIV test at a place of their choice.

HIV self-test support service is for people who are not comfortable with having their HIV test at the testing center, and they like to have their own test by getting some extra help.

Patients get the freedom to choose any place to conduct the test. Patients will need an HIV test kit HK for performing the test. This kit can be purchased online or from the service center. An expert can guide the patient through the whole self-testing process with an HIV test kit HK through a phone or online call.


HIV self-testing

Do I need to do self-testing?

If you would like to perform a test by yourself discreetly and conveniently, HIV self-testing is your choice. HIV self-testing is a process by which a person who wants to know his or her HIV status collects a specimen, performs a test and interprets the test result in private. Please note that it is only a screening test. Any positive HIV result must be confirmed by laboratory-based testing with a venous blood sample.

AIDS Concern HIV Self-test Support Service

Shall we Talk ? HIV Self-test Support Service is an affordable and private counselling service along with our self-test kits. This is a service for people who cannot do an HIV test at the testing centre and would like to do their own test with some extra help. You may pick wherever you find comfortable to conduct the test. Simply reach out to our qualified counsellors and we would walk you through the whole self-testing process via phone or online call. We would help you get prepared both physically and mentally for the test and answer every question and doubt you might have.

Step 1 Purchase the HIV self-test from our website or health service centre. Opt for the HIV Self-test Support Service when making your order.

Step 2 After your purchase, our staff will give you a call to book you in.

Step 3 Perform your HIV self-test at a designated time with our professional counsellor.

Service Content

  1. Pre-test counselling, might include but not limited to:  Discussion on reasons and concerns of testing  Checking understanding of HIV infection  Provide HIV risk assessment based on your sexual behaviours  Meaning of negative and positive results  Preparation of possible positive diagnosis  Information of support  Informed consent   Provide and explain technical information of the test
  2.  Step-by Step testing instruction
  3.   Post-test counselling and Test result interpretation, might include but not limited to:  Follow up on questions raised in pre-test counselling Suggestions on preventive measures  More information on HIV/STI   Opportunity to ask any related questions
  4. Linkage to referral service after test (if necessary)

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