BioSURE HIV Self Test (Yearly Subscription Plan)


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The BioSure HIV Self Test is the first approved CE marked product. It is very simple to perform and requires just a tiny drop of blood.

You can test wherever and whenever is convenient for you and get your easy to read result in just 15 minutes.

Yearly Subscription Plan:

It is important to get tested regularly if you constantly engage in higher-risk activities of HIV infection. We recommend you to get tested EVERY 3 MONTHS.

Apart from the single purchase, you can make use of AIDS Concern’s yearly subscription plan for HIV self-test. It is available for the BioSURE Self Test order. You can purchase 4 test kits in one go at a discounted price and we will do the rest – you will receive your first test kit right after the purchase and then receive 1 every 3 months.

Subscription Plan included:

4pcs BioSURE finger-prick self-test with delivery cost

Additional information




Yearly Subscription (BioSURE finger-prick self-test 4pcs include delivery)

Storage Conditions

The test should be stored, unopened, at between 8 and 30°C


  1. The test will only work correctly when used with a sample of your blood.
  2. This test may not detect the most recent HIV infections. You can test from 4 weeks after your possible exposure, but if your test result is negative, you should use caution and test again 12 weeks after your possible exposure.
  3. If you make lifestyle choices that could put you at risk of HIV infection, it is recommended you test every three months.
  4. This test is not suitable if you are receiving any form of antiretroviral treatment for HIV or if you have been part of an HIV vaccine trial.

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