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HIV self-test kits are available at AIDS Concern. We provide Chembio SURE CHECK HIV Self Test from the UK as our finger-prick blood test option. It is a trusted CE-marked HIV self-test kit that can be used to test HIV-1/2 antibody. You are advised to take the test 90 days (window period) after the possible exposure as it takes time for the body to make antibodies after it is exposed to HIV.

It is important to get tested regularly if you constantly engage in higher-risk activities of HIV infection. We recommend you to get tested EVERY 3 MONTHS.

Apart from the single purchase, you can make use of AIDS Concern’s yearly subscription plan for HIV self-test. It is available for the BioSURE Self Test order. You can purchase 4 test kits in one go at a discounted price and we will do the rest – you will receive your first test kit right after the purchase and then receive 1 every 3 months.

NameChembio SURE CHECK HIV Self Test
Type of testHIV-1/2 Antibody
ManufacturerChembio Diagnostic Systems Inc.
CertificationCE Mark (0459)
Window Period90 days


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