OraQuick HIV Self-Test



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OraQuick® HIV Self-Test is prequalified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which use of oral fluid as specimen. Collection of oral fluid will not cause any pain and the accuracy of the test-kit is similar to tests with using blood specimen.

The testing involves the users collecting oral fluid to check for HIV antibodies. Oral fluid, collected around the outer gums, which is different from saliva. The test can give you results in about 20 minutes after the test device is inserted in to the developer solution.

Additional information




  1. The test will only work correctly when used with a sample of your oral fluid.
  2. This test may not detect the most recent HIV infections. You can test from 4 weeks after your possible exposure, but if your test result is negative, you should use caution and test again 12 weeks after your possible exposure.
  3. If you make lifestyle choices that could put you at risk of HIV infection, it is recommended you test every three months.
  4. This test is not suitable if you are receiving any form of antiretroviral treatment for HIV or if you have been part of an HIV vaccine trial.

Storage Condition

The test should be stored, unopened, at between 2 and 30°C, away from direct sunlight or storage with high humidity.