Syphilis (Treponema Pallidum) Antibodies Test



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This kit is used by the colloidal gold-labeled recombinant syphilis antigen (Au-TP Ag)-coated glass fiber membrane, recombinant syphilis antigens (TP Ag) and rabbit anti-TP antibody-coated membrane made of cellulose nitrate using colloidal gold immuno-chromatographic detection techniques and principles of qualitative analysis of blood samples from Treponema pallidum antibodies. Detection, blood samples from syphilis antibody with colloidal gold-labeled antigen to form antigen-antibody complex, due to the role of complex chromatography to move forward along the note, after a test line (T) pre-coated with the antigen-binding form "Au-TP Ag-TP Ab-TP Ag" sandwich materials and the mobilization of color. Free colloidal gold-labeled anti-syphilis principles of the Quality Control Division (C) and pre-coated with rabbit anti-TP antibody binding and enrichment of color. Negative specimens were only on the quality control offcie (C) color.

Simple testing procedure, you can all do it yourself at home
For you and your loved one, perform a safe and accurate test.
Simple: Only one drop of blood is enough for the test.
Reliable: more than 99% accuracy.
Fast: Result in 20 minutes.
Convenient: Additional equipment and stop eating before test is not needed.

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